Cathy Sultan

Cathy Sultan

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TRAGEDY IN SOUTH LEBANON: the israeli-hezbollah war of 2006


Cathy Sultan

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Cathy Sultan combines compelling history and vivid personal interviews that connect the lives of the oft-ignored civilians of South Lebanon and northern Israel during the war of July 2006 and its aftermath.

She documents how these families and soldiers have been victimized by the hawkish, shortsighted policy decisions of Israel, Lebanon, and the United States. Sultan describes the polluting effects of cluster bombs and other environmental hazards left behind after the war in Lebanon, and explains the strategic importance of such geographic features as the Litani River and the Shabba Farms area.

She conducts compelling, in-depth interviews with both Lebanese and Israeli civilians and soldiers as they recount their experiences of the conflict. Throughout the book, these narratives are particularly memorable for their detail, honesty, and the deep sense of tragedy they relate.

The book also addresses the media’s treatment of the war, systematically dispelling common myths about the region perpetuated by government and mainstream sources. Sultan’s years of real life experience in the region, as well as her comprehensive knowledge of the conflict, add to the authenticity of her accounts.


“Standing in the shoes of those who face each other daily across this dangerous divide forces us to see beyond media stereotypes often reduced to terrorist and victim. This fast-paced narrative and compelling interviews brings to life a conflict whose complexities Americans must try to understand.”

Sarah Harder, President, National Peace Foundation